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You Can Depend On Us
Our gift-boxed Fresh Florida Citrus is flavor you can always depend on. At Frostproof Groves, our self-imposed standards select only the very best for shipment. These standards far exceed state standards for quality, color and flavor.

These gift boxes benefit from our "rapid handling" methods, which ensure that your premium gift box fruit is shipped as soon as possible after it is picked from the tree.

All Frostproof Fruit Is Unconditionally Guaranteed
Because we take so very many steps to ensure freshness and peak quality in all the Florida citrus that we ship, every gift box will arrive at its best. In the unlikely event that something should go wrong, do not worry. All fruit is guaranteed. All a customer needs to do is contact us and tell us what went wrong, and we will make it right. Frostproof Groves means dependability. You can count on us.

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